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‘Mama June: Road To Redemption’ Spoilers: Pumpkin ‘Not 100% OK’ With Sister Alana’s Reunion With Mom

Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon and Alana "Honey Boo" Thompson are rejoining with Mama June Shannon this week on "Mom June: Road to Redemption" after the lead star's recovery spell. However, Pumpkin is reconsidering, particularly with regards to her more youthful sister's affections for Mama June after the last left them two years prior.

Pumpkin, 21, as of late shared a scrap on Instagram from the new episode of their We TV show that is set to air on Friday. In the clasp, Pumpkin gets a call from the mediator of their reunion, saying that Mama June, 41, is expecting to at last look at them without flinching and reveal to them that she's been progressing nicely.

Upon hearing the mediator's voice, 16-year-old Alana's face illuminates, and she communicates her energy for their reunion.

The video at that point slices to Pumpkin's confessional in which she clarifies that she's "not 100% OK with Alana seeing" Mama June again after what occurred between two or three years prior.

"I simply trust Momma doesn't make her extremely upset once more," Pumpkin adds toward the finish of the clasp.

Pumpkin's followers immediately responded to the secret clasp. The greater part of them praised her for venturing up for her more youthful sister and for being so developed in settling on large grown-up decisions notwithstanding her age. Yet, others additionally urged her to allow Mama June to substantiate herself to them, with the goal that their family could be brought together once more.

"I've been watching since you all began with honey bungle. I'm your age and Idk how you do it by dealing with a child and a youngster. You've developed even a person and everything occurs for a reason. You've become a stronger and better person from everything. … Keep on making the best choice for Alana in light of the fact that later on she'll thank you," one fan composed.

"Continue doing what you are doing young woman! You ventured up and are doing extraordinary. However, kindly set aside effort for yourself. It's hard and gets distressing and you have a ton going on," another remarked.

One client concurred with Pumpkin's estimation and said that the reunion would be too a lot to deal with for Alana. An alternate netizen reminded Pumpkin that they ought to do the reunion since they have "to begin some place" in the event that they need things figured out.

In a new meeting with TooFab, Pumpkin got open about the reunion episode and conceded that she has elevated standards considering Mama June has been attempting to contact them by means of phone and surprisingly told them that she's a long way from the person she was years prior when her chronic drug use outwitted her.

"She needs to demonstrate to me that she is really calm. She needs to demonstrate to me that she's not the person that even she was before the addiction, the one who lied about the seemingly insignificant details. For me too, she's gonna need to allow it to require some investment," Pumpkin said.

"It is hard... since I'm additionally attempting to manage it personally, and afterward I'm likewise shooting it," Lauryn reveals to ET's Deidre Behar of watching past episodes of her family's shows Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,Mama June: From Not to Hot and now Mama June: Road to Redemption. "Indeed, even on this season, it's sort of hard on the grounds that returning to the past sort of puts wear and tear, as far as I might be concerned, actually, however intellectually. I don't have any desire to return into that psychological spot that I was the point at which my mother was into her addiction and me venturing up and do every one of the things that I was doing and not actually dealing with myself."

"Now, I truly feel like I have tried sincerely as a lady, [done] treatment, and truly working and setting aside this effort for myself and for my family," she adds. "I honestly only sort of disdain returning to the past."

Mom June as of late told ET that she's 14 months calm subsequent to doing combating chronic drug use and getting captured with her sweetheart, Eugene Edward "Geno" Doak, in 2019. Mom June recently conceded that she and Geno would go through $2,500 per day, if not more, on drugs. After June was captured, Lauryn was given legitimate guardianship over her 15-year-old sister, Alana "Honey Boo" Thompson.

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Concerning where her relationship with her offended mother stands today, Lauryn says it's "muddled" and she is buckling down on setting limits.

"The way things are today, we haven't seen each other in a year. So that is extremely muddled, continuing endlessly with life and not having the option to impart those little minutes to my mother," Lauryn concedes, "I think, as far as I might be concerned, yet for Alana, and in any event, for [my 3-year-old daughter] Ella in light of the fact that she adores her Gigi. She cherishes being around her."

"However, similar to the mother, just like the watchman of Alana and being the mother to Ella also, I need to secure them," she notes. "I have some work. [Mama June] might be calm, yet I additionally don't have any desire to take any risks, in light of the fact that before when she would say she was calm, she wasn't really calm… It's not really that I'm not glad for her, I just likewise don't have any desire to get me or the children's expectations up like I have a few times previously."

Lauryn shared that there is a second on the new show where, following a time of not seeing one another, Mama June and her girls rejoin. "You'll see that we plunk down and meet following a year. That's hard without a doubt, a great deal of emotions there," she shares. "I feel like me and Alana unquestionably got things that we expected to get out into the open that she expected to hear in her recuperation cycle."

With regards to Geno, Lauryn doesn't beat around the bush when she says she trusts he isn't in the image any longer.

"My mom has said a few times that he's not going anyplace and they're not going to separate. So I sort of need to become acclimated to that. But at the same time I'm not very concerned with fixing things with him from an earlier time, in light of the fact that to me he is a transitory person," she states. "My mom has consistently said it would simply be her and the young ladies. Also, it generally has been that way. So eventually, eventually, regardless of whether it be a long time from now, whether it be two months from now and Geno and Mama split or something, he's simply a transitory person. So it resembles, for what reason would I like to simply burn through my time and fix that?"

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Zeroing in on her well-being and family, Lauryn shares that she's "extremely dazzled" with Alana, "Considering where she was two years prior, the two of us, in the perspective that we were in, the situations that we were going through, we truly have beaten that."

After longer than a time of watching her family's inconveniences work out on national TV, Lauryn concedes she'll be prepared to kill the cameras - and says it's sooner than individuals may anticipate. She likewise shares that she's prepared to seek after a more traditional profession way.

"Honestly, I need to feel free to bid farewell in case I'm as a rule totally honest. Only in light of the fact that Alana grew up doing this and you don't actually have a typical life during production. We have two days off a week and I can't get everything in order in two days. I appreciate doing the show. I appreciate the pay that it brings. I appreciate the lives that we sway," she clarifies. "At last, I need to proceed to be a medical caretaker at an emergency clinic. I need to proceed to have an effect in an emergency clinic some place. TV is not something that I consider any us truly need to do any longer, however we simply continue to propel ourselves."

She likewise discloses that Alana needs to be an ordinary youngster and not miss out on significant occasions.

"A many individuals don't understand that. They're similar to, 'Goodness, well the money's pleasant. You won't make that elsewhere'" she transfers. "That might be valid, yet I likewise can't get back every one of the birthday events I've missed from Josh's family. I likewise can't get back the family get-togethers, birthday celebrations, Christmases and things like that that I have missed."

Lauryn likewise feels like the unscripted TV dramas "took away" her personal adolescence. "I do feel like it was so brisk. I was 11, Alana was 6, and we've been doing it since the time at that point. Also, it's disappointing."

"Yet, at that point I additionally say 'no,' that it didn't demolish our adolescence, since we were ready to do significantly a greater number of things than the normal individuals that were our age," she continues. "I'm exceptionally thankful for the things that TV land has brought to us and had the option to permit us to do, yet it unquestionably is arriving at where I believe it's the ideal opportunity for us to bid farewell."

However, Lauryn additionally adds that she'd love to continue engaging her fans by beginning a family TikTok or YouTube account. "Individuals are bringing in money on there," she says "And at last, I would like to do a YouTube just with the little family that we have here in our home. Like me, Josh, Jessica, and Alana and Ella. I believe that we could be amusing. I believe that we could make that a type of revenue too and furthermore only for fans to keep up."

In March 2019, Mama June and her beau Geno Doak, 45, stood out as truly newsworthy after they got captured in Alabama on drug-related charges. After which, Mama June left her children to be with her lover.

In a new meeting, Mama June shared that at that point, she really spent nearly $1 million on drugs however has since changed subsequent to finishing her recovery spell.

"Mom June: Road to Redemption" airs Fridays at 8 p.m EDT on We TV.

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