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iPhone 13 Upgrades: New Exclusive Apple Leaks

The range of Apple's iPhone 13 is new and has a fast release date. Now, a new exclusive has shown what will be the greatest update for many.

Digitimes has now revealed that the latest Apple smartphone portfolio would achieve a 20% more power-efficient power efficiency than its 12 versions - an enormous improvement following its recent iPod 13 production revelations. And the main explanation for this saving power is also found on the site: displays for the next generation.

States of digitalization Currently the Samsung Display and LG Display partners from Apple transform the LTPS OLED iPhone 12 to LTPO OLED production lines. This is the source of Digitimes "accomplished in the first half of 2021." For some time, LTPO OLED displays are speculated, but this is the first time we have learned the energy savings that they are going to contribute to.

And for iPhone fans, that's a double victory. First, after Apple fitted them with smaller batteries than the iPhone 11 series, iPhone 12 models actually have less battery life than the previous ones. Secondly, LTPO allows a variable refresh rate of 1Hz to 120Hz so iPhone users can appreciate the high refresh rate that has been shown in the last few years to be very common with Android devices – but it did not have the excess battery drain. Apple is expected to market this high refresh rate as "ProMotion" which was launched many years ago on iPad Pros, although it still uses LCD panels.

And the battery life on the iPhone 13 line-up can be further encouraged. In addition to the LTPO show, next-gen 5G modems and the A15 Chip of the Company are more powerful, which will result in greater efficiency and less power consumption.

Efficiency isn't at stake, however, iPhone 13 leaks have also disclosed Apple's plans to minimize the range (at least!), increase the pace and reach of WiFi, rework the camera experience and launch a better MagSafe edition.

Combine all of this with the above date of release and a good year for Apple looks fantastic. But first, they have to solve a serious problem.

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Source- Forbes

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