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Apple will no longer give Siri the default female voice

Apple's iOS no longer stands for Siri's female voice, but enables users to choose a male to female when their system is set up. The update was found in the sixth iOS 14.5 beta, where Apple's voice assistant can now use two new voices.

The newest version of iOS has two new voices added by Apple and removed the default "female voice" range. This means that everyone who creates Siri can select a voice themselves and that the voice assistant is no longer a female, which is a subject that has been very evident over the last couple of years as regards voice interface biases.

The beta release should now be live and accessible to participants in the program.

I think that this is the first of these assistants to choose without making any default list entirely agnostic. This is a positive step in the right direction because it enables people to select the voice they want without the norm. The two new voices also give the voices of Siri a much-needed variation, giving a consumer who selects a voice to them more flexibility in speech sound and pattern.

Siri already defaults to a male voice in certain countries and languages. However, this move makes the first option for users.

"We are pleased to introduce two new Siri language voices and the option for users to pick their preferred voice when configuring their computer," reads Apple's statement. "It continues Apple's dedication to diversity and inclusion, as well as products and services designed to better represent the world's diversity."

Two new voices use source recordings from Apple's neural text to a spoken engine, which enables voices to flow more organically from sentences that are generated on the fly.

I heard the new voices, which sound pretty good with smooth and natural twists. They will provide iOS users with a welcome addition to the option.

In Ireland, Russia and Italy, this latest beta upgrades the Siri's voices to Neural TTS and makes them total voices using the new technology to 38. In over 500 million devices and 21 languages in 36 countries Siri currently handles 25 billion requests each month.

English speakers around the world can choose the new voices, and Siri users can choose a personal voice choice in seize languages.

It seems very likely to be the first expansion of Siri's voice range of these two new voices. More variety of voices, tones, and regional dialect will only help the inclusion of smart devices. We finally started watching some moves from Amazon, Google, and Apple in recent years to actively correct situations in which helpers found a partition in their answers to queries that use negative or abusive language. Changes in social justice and improvements in general functionality are extremely important as the first or second voice interface explosions begin to occur. Such choices are significant, particularly for hundreds of millions.


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Source- TechCrunch

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