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INDIA vs ENGLAND 3rd ODI: England Chasing India's 330

India vs England 3rd ODI Live Score Streaming: Follow updates from the Maharashtra Maharashtra Cricket Association's Eng vs Ind ODI decision-maker, Pune.

Hello and welcome to the MCA Stadium in Pune's 3rd ODI live coverage from India and England.

ENGLAND 51/2 in 9 overalls: Bhuvneshwar's confidence seems to have improved both wickets because he admits a few runs in the fourth round and backs it with just one lap in the fifth round to keep the pressure from his end. Kohli changes his first night when Natarajan is replaced by Prasidh Krishna, who in his first-round off gives seven runs to him. England has its 50th.

ENGLAND 41/2 in 6 overviews: Nataraján is another expensive over and in his second over there are seven runs. Bhuvneshwar bowls his first tidy, giving just two runs in his third spot. Ben Stokes is fired on 15 as Hardik Pandya drops a mistimed lofted shot. Four runs from his third are provided by a road ward Natarajan.

On 15, Hardik Pandya dropped Ben Stokes.

ENGLAND 28/2 in 3 overs: Kumar Bhuvneshwar gives India the perfect start, with both openers cheaply removed. He eliminates Roy with a ball in, and after that, Bairstow mixes a ball and gets lbw out too soon. Natarajan shares with him the new ball and begins costly, granting eight runs in the first round. What a beginning in India.

It goes out to the center of Bairstow and Roy. The proceedings will commence for Bhuvneshwar Kumar in India.

Welcome to the finals of this series!

With T Natarajan, India is the lone bowling choice, Krunal Pandya. A left-arm bowling option is given to Natarajan. How Kohli uses him, is fascinating.

In the first two ODIs, 135 and 110 runs were carried out with England's opening batsmen, Jason Roy and Jonny Bairstow. One of them must be removed from India in order to reveal the remainder of the batting unit early.

What a high score in batting from India. It started by adding 103 runs to the first wicket with Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma. Adil Rashid then took the openers off and Moeen Ali took Virat Kohli off, leaving India in a little bit of trouble.

Rishabh Pant and Hardik Pandya have, however, led India to recovery, making 99 runs sixth. Just before India can score higher than 350, Curran returned to delete Pant, to leave the lower order with a high task before the Ben Stokes bowl cleaned Pandya.

Some of England's disciplined death bowling meant that India was cured in 48. 2 over 329 runs. In the previous game, England comfortably fell 337. Is India still able to avoid it? Join us for chasing England in some time. During the chats he's going to bowl today, Hardik Pandya confirms.


INDIA 329/9 in 48 overviews: The agony of Krunal Pandya ends. The whole innings have struggled to clock the ball. 25 holes out of Mark Wood that takes Thakur and Prasidh Krishna away, as well. In the last 6 overtakings, England has given a mere 38 runs, catching a few wickets. Before 50 overs, India could be bowled out.

INDIA 318/6 in 45 overs: Krunal is relieved when Ben Stokes' bowling is dropped by Rashid. Thakur is now getting a second six, from Topley this time. Follow it off Stokes with a further maximum. In the meantime, Krunal fought to keep the ball timed today. There is still no boundary off his sword.

INDIA  294/6 in 42 Overs: with the six wooden ones Thakur gets off the mark. A short chest-high ball, Thakur turns it over a long leg. Stokes is another wretched bowl over, just three of them. Topley is hit for 4 by Thakur, replacing Wood. Topley.

INDIA  276/6 in 39 Overs: Ben Stokes bowled Hardik Pandya round his legs! An unfortunate end to a really good place. He's going to leave for 64. This is an enormous wicket for England. Shardul Thakur has been joining Krunal. In this second spell, Mark Wood was brilliant. Thakur and Bhuvi can battle, but the dismissal of Hardik will definitely change the final totals from at least 25 to 30 times.

INDIA In 36 Overs: 256/5: Pant is caught 78 back! Buttler's gorgeous grab. Breakthrough Sam Curran. Krunal Pandya enters with his fifty-year-old brother Hardik. 99 balls from 73 balls were added by Pant and Hardik.

INDIA 221/4 In 33 Overs: Pant takes a 44-ball 50 with a 6-ballet sweep. Pant takes a 44-ball 50 with a 6-ballet sweep. The two have refused to let Rashid dictate conditions, both Pant and Hardik. Now 64 of 52 balls have been added and death overflows are ramped up. Of course, Mark Wood still has no title. England would be concerned if he could not bowl these interiors anymore.

INDIA 206/4 in 30 Overs: Hardik is still in the mood - three sixes off the seventh Moeen. Superb Hardik's and Pant's power striking, in particular under the conditions. Both men also chose to take the third spinner, which was Livingstone's smashing shot at Hardik. Bowling change with the return of Topley to the assault. For four, Hardik cuts it.

INDIA 170/4 in 27 Overs: Liam Livingstone comes in and gets the wicket for a second ball! Rahul hit a full toss at a short fine leg straight to Moeen. In all kinds of difficulties, India. Hardik is joining Pant. This is the Pandyas, Pant, and tail, thus. The rate of running in India is not too poor (over six), but the column of the wickets is the dent. Pant agreed to put Livingstone - a one-handed six and four - under pressure.

INDIA 156/3 in 24 Overs: Pant's not going to stop. He is playing Rashid with two scornful shots – the first is a daring snap off his legs and the second is a shot on his shoulder. What a player. What a player. What a player. What a player. India has passed 150. India. Incidentally, Mark Wood is out of the ground. Pant's good counterattack.

INDIA 137/3 in 21 Overs: In four overs, England took three wickets. Talk about the momentum shifting! Here are a few quiet overpopulations of Moeen and Rashid. However, Pant won't be afraid of the rotators, who roll a max over Rashid's cow corner. This was ODI's 53rd sixth range.

INDIA 121/3 in 18 Overs: It's a roll of Rashid. In a pair of overalls, he has the two openers! And then comes the clean bowls from Moeen Ali Virat Kohli for India. India at a bothering place. At the plaster, Pant, and Rahul. After a promising start, India picked up. Afterward. Kohli's ball switched off a stump line for a little while. Kohli looked for a cover from the back of his foot to strike it out but finally lost his leg!

INDIA 110/1 in 15 overs: Adil Rashid Rohit Sharma's clean bowls with the perfect googly. Kohli enters Dhawan. Dhawan had previously picked up a fifty 44-ball, his second, with a midwicket boundary. The 17th ODI partnership was formed by Rohit and Dhawan. In 14 over the Indian section, only Sachin and Ganguly have more - 21.100. Meanwhile, the first ball of Kohli is off the mark.

INDIA 84/0 in 12 Overs: Stokes replaces Topley in his last Overs. He gives four because after the powerplay India reaches 65. With another boundary off Wood, Dhawan moves into the 40s. And to finish it, Rohit gives another boundary, gliding one to the third person. Afterward, Rohit scores the first boundary of Stokes, a third-person crack.

INDIA 61/0 in 9 Overs: Wood substitutes Curran, who went in the first three overs for 21. Wood, already 140 kph north bowling, begins with a maiden. Though Dhawan stuck in Topley, he picked up his fourth boundaries. Rohit's 17 of the finishing line with a deep four. In eight overs, 50 for India. Dhawan now welcomes Wood with a strong drive from point to cover. Currently, India is on a roll.

INDIA 36/0 in 6 Overs: the first limit of Dhawan is Topley's Freebie. The left-arm bowls one down on one side of the knee, and Dhawan tickles four. In the meantime, Rohit intends to obtain fours from Curran. Dhawan also gets past the man's extended hand at his second boundary cover-point. Fifteen off the third Sam. Both openers are more physical in front of them.

INDIA 11/0 in 3 Overs: the new ball takes Sam Curran, the strike takes Rohit Sharma. The new ball tasks are shared by Curran and Reece Topley. In Powerplay today, Rohit and Dhawan would like a little more urgency. In the first match, there were 39 hosts for 0 and 2 hosts for 2. The first balls are marked out by both Rohit and Dhawan. The first scoring shot by Rohit is a Topley classic cover drive. Sam's second overruns just one.


TOSS UPDATE: The toss was won by Jos Buttler and England is going to bowl first.

India: Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli (capt), KL Rahul, Rishabh Pant (wk), Hardik Pandya, Krunal Pandya, Shardul Thakur, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Prasidh Krishna, T Natarajan.

England: Jason Roy, Jonny Bairstow, Ben Stokes, Dawid Malan, Jos Buttler (capt & wk), Liam Livingstone, Moeen Ali, Sam Curran, Adil Rashid, Reece Topley, Mark Wood.


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Source- Sportstar

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