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Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg to staff: ‘we need to inflict pain’ on Apple

In recent months, ties between Facebook and Apple have been declining. Over their position on privacy and consumer data, the two tech titans face each other. Now, according to sources who talked to The Wall Street Journal on anonymity, Mark Zuckerberg told Facebook workers in 2018 that "we need to inflict pain" on Apple.

Apparently, after Apple CEO Tim Cook gave a TV interview in the center of Cambridge Analytica that saved the great privacy controversy at large, the escalation between Facebook and Apple began ticking. Cook said during the interview that Apple would never find itself in the same place like Facebook.

Zuckerberg hit Cook back, calling Cook's Facebook remarks "extremely glib." Zuckerberg was also harsher in private. According to the Newspaper, the most successful social media firm in the world's CEO allegedly told his staff that 'we have to cause misery' to handle his business too badly.

The research comes at a time when Apple and Facebook are on the edge of a legal battle. Apple said last month that it plans to launch a new update in iOS that would block applications such as Facebook from monitoring user data for iPhone advertisements. Recent improvements to iOS 14 could kill its advertisement company, Facebook said in response. This move is often considered by Facebook to be a misuse of market control.

In recent days, the news of Facebook getting readying an antitrust lawsuit against Apple has only increased. As per The Information, the lawsuit alleges that Apple abused its market power by forcing third-party developers, including Facebook, to follow a different set of rules that Apple’s own apps aren’t required to follow. It’s not clear if Facebook will proceed with the lawsuit but it does show that the company is serious about a legal battle with Apple.

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