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Whatsapp started rolling out voice call and video call for WhatsApp web

As of today, the voice/video call functionality has been available only in the mobile edition of the app at present, while WhatsApp works to get the feature to the web too.


  • WhatsApp has long been rumored in the app's desktop version to carry out the Video Calling function.

  • A recent study indicates, for non-beta users, that WhatsApp is rolling out.

  • WhatsApp video and voice call functionality is off beta according to WAbetainffo research.


WhatsApp has long been rumored to roll in the desktop version of the app to create the video and voice call feature. A new report shows that WhatsApp rolls out the non-beta consumer functionality. The voice and video call function were only available in the mobile application, but WhatsApp works to introduce the functionality to the web.

According to the WAbetainfo article, the video and voice call functionality of WhatsApp is out of beta, meaning that non-testing functions will be implemented soon. "WhatsApp is today rolling out WhatsApp Web/Desktop 2.2104.10 calls for more users. Please note that the feature could still take some time, but this is good news," said Wabetainfo in a tweet.

Besides this, WhatsApp has developed new images that self-destruct. It was found that WhatsApp was checking images of itself. 'WhatsApp is working to destroy images for iOS and Android in a future update. The images that are self-destructive cannot be exported from WhatsApp. WhatsApp has not yet implemented a self-destructing images screenshot detection. The same Instagram Direct definition" reads the WhatsApp article.

The next function is in chat to be deleted after you've left the chat, until the time you're enabled in the chat window. On Instagram, we also saw a similar thing. Before you send a picture, Instagram gives the sender the option to look at the image once, or to stay the image on the chat. When the function is rolled out, WhatsApp also gives users the same choice. A special icon for self-destruction images will be shown. When the mode is enabled, after a certain time, it will delete the picture.

WhatsApp also tests the ability to import animated sticker packages from third parties to iOS and Android users in countries such as India, Brazil, and Indonesia. “ WhatsApp finally enables custom animated sticker packages to be imported in the app today! The Team is currently implementing the function for its users in Brazil, Iran, and Indonesia, and the Overview Table lists compatible versions. Updating new builds (for example 2.21.40 iOS and Android beta) will, however, help to quickly get the feature in these countries,' read the Wabetainfo article.


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