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PUBG Mobile 1.4 beta update, APK download source, and features for the Indian launch of PUBG Mobile.

According to sportskeeda, gamers will be able to download the 1.4 betas on their Android devices with an APK file.

PUBG Mobile India has amassed a sizable fan base of Indian mobile gamers. However, the Indian government outlawed PUBG Mobile India in September 2020 due to data privacy issues.

Though lakhs of Indian smartphone gamers await the relaunch of PUBG Mobile, the PUBG game developers recently finished rolling out the PUBG Mobile 1.3 beta edition and have now begun rolling out the PUBG Mobile 1.4 beta update. The latest update includes a new car, a new game mode, and some other improvements.

According to a post on sportskeeda, gamers can now download the 1.4 updates on their Android devices using the APK file available on the official beta website. However, there is a catch. Only those who have received an Invitation Code will be able to access the server. To download and instal PUBG Mobile 1.4 beta, mobile gamers must first download the PUBG Mobile 1.4 beta update's APK package. The APK file is approximately 606 MB in size, but the size of the resource pack varies depending on the choice selected by the player.


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