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Make money at home with this new affiliate program- LeadsArk!

As normalization of remote work continues, you can take advantage of a range of ways to make money from home. From selling items online to starting a podcast to offering your services as a virtual assistant, there are lots of opportunities to earn an income without leaving the house. So join today and start earning!


How To Make Money With LeadsArk. It’s best affiliate program in India for student and as well as for beginners. this program put value in an everyone life . and have a great support system for student they guide step-by-step. this program mission is all about learning then earning.

•This program is like a class as we know learning is very important . this is a course where you learn all about affiliate marketing and internet marketing & make money online . we learn how to crate leads organically and many more strategy without advisement. learn step by step every process to generate highly qualified leads everyday. for any Product/Business using by social media platform organically without spending a penny on any paid ads.

The Leadsark product is made by Mr. Ayaz Mohammad. Leadsark offers Training as well as an Affiliate Marketing Platform. After purchasing Leadsark Product, Leadsark also gives you the opportunity to become an Affiliate and you can earn millions by becoming a Successful Affiliate Marketer.

LeadsArk is a pure action based step-by-step process training that attracts 25 to 30 highly qualified Leads every day to create a long-term strategy for your business that is waiting to become your customer.

1.No Paid Ads

2.No websites

3.No Solo Ads

4.No banner display

5.No chatbots

6.No SEO

Here is everything you get inside the LeadsArk training program.

1.Concept of Organic Leads Generation (Value $ 49)

2.Prospecting & Networking in Social Media (Value $ 49)

3.Attraction Marketing using Facebook (Value $ 199)

4.15 Types of Content Ideas to market on Social Media (Value $ 99)

5.Instagram Strategy to generate Organic Leads (Value $ 99)

6.LinkedIn Strategy to generate Organic Leads (Value $ 99)

7.Lead Magnet & List Building Strategy (Value $ 99)

8.Sales Funnels Concept & Strategy (Value $ 99)


Leadsark teaches the long-term strategy in generation leads helping you to engage the customers to your source. It is no more struggling with online sales. You can learn about increasing sales and earning a 70% commission from the sales. It increases awareness contributing to the lead generation for the business. A lead is a person who runs a company with a positive generation of leads. The consumer expresses interest in products as well as the services of the business. There are many businesses that strive to get the best and qualitative results categorizing the marketing umbrella.

•More and more people are aware of brand recognition only through the generation of awareness. The stronger the reputation, the greater will be the profit as well as the potentiality creating the overall value of the brand. Increasing the sales and profit ratio is the best option. Over 60% of B2B marketers spend more than half of the marketing. The benefits accrued by using lead generation creating full-fledged customers increasing the profit margins of the business. Lead generation is the must to stay in the competitive market.

Why should you join Leadsark ?

Personal branding

Higher sales conversion ratio

Zero marketing cost

Customers for life


You also get online lead generation course which will help you in growing your current /future business.

Why should you do digital marketing ? Why is it more beneficial than any other job ?

•Increase Customer Loyalty with Frequent Communications.

•Engage the Customer at Every Buying Stage.

•Target the Right Audience.

•Generate a Consistent Lead Pipeline.

•Optimize and Obtain Better Conversion Rates.

•Accurately Measure All Results.

•Gain Brand Credibility.

• Work from home in this current scenario

So how to join Leadsark?

Before joining you should know about three things, there are three different types of account like

  • Lite(2000+tax)

  • Standard(3500+tax)

  • Pro(8000+tax)

Now you must be thinking what is this lite, standard and pro its basically types of accounts the main difference between there are the rate of commissions . In lite you will earn 1500 rupees commission , in standard you will earn 2500 rupees commission and in pro you will earn 5000 rupees commission but for like starters I would request everyone to take standard and learn and implement and earn money . Those who are interested can call or text on this number 9748519599 or can click on this link directly to join ( ). In this pandemic this is a great way of earning money so don’t waste you time thinking just act on your dreams.

My earning after joining 2 months back!

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