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LIC allows policyholders to submit maturity claim documents anywhere in India

The Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) of India, in its press release dated March 18, 2021, announced that policyholders of LIC will be able to deposit their maturity claim documents at the nearest LIC office anywhere in the country.

As per the release, "LIC has allowed its 113 divisional offices, 2048 branches, 1526 satellite offices and 74 customer zones to receive maturity claim documents from policyholders whose maturity payments are due, irrespective of the servicing branch of the policy. However, the actual claim will be processed by the servicing branch only. The documents will be digitally transferred through LIC's All India Network."

As per this facility, if a policyholder is in one city and his/her policy documents are in another city, then such documents can be deposited separately at the two different locations. Officers have been authorized to facilitate this job in the above-mentioned offices by the LIC. A LIC policyholder can walk into any of these offices of the LIC and ask for an authorized officer for assistance in this regard.

Since last year at the start of the pandemic, LIC has offered relaxations to the customers for maturity claim settlement. Because of lockdown and policy limitations, LIC allowed its policyholders to submit maturity claim related documents online. The necessary documents were needed to be scanned and then submitted via email to the servicing branch. This facility was available till June 30, 2020.

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