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Author Andy Weir offers a virtual book tour "Project Hail Mary"

Andy Weir's ready to start her next space adventure and is waiting for you to take part in a mission patch.

In the "Project Hail Mary," which came from the Ballantine Books on May 4th, the author of the 2014 bestseller "The Martian" has now returned with another story, adapted to the hit Ridley Scott feature film starring Matt Damon.

Weir will participate in a six-stop virtual book tour with book stores and museums across the country and share the "Project Hail Mary" with their clients to promote the upcoming release. A signed copy of the "Project Hail Mary" and a bonus will be sent to the first 400 individuals to register for each event.

The first 400 registered people will be given a sticky Hail Mary mission patch for each of the activities on AndyWeir's "Project Hail Mary" virtual book tour. ( Image Credit: Ballantine Books)

With the beginning of "Project Hail Mary," Ryland Grace, who has awakened to be on a spaceship and miss all its remembrances, is being introduced. Grace finds a visual clue as he explores the ship to learn about his mission.

"I know myself in the little room about the million other screens. Most have a word to say, but one shows only an image of a circular crest. Probably it's an idle screen or something, I think. I'm going to wake up if I touch it. But the most informative thing in this place is the idle screen.

"This is a crest of the mission. When I saw one, I saw enough NASA documentaries. A ring of blue and white is on the circular crest. The text reads HAIL MARY in the top and the ground in the background. This vessel's name and 'calling port'

"I didn't think the ship came from anything but Earth, but all right. I suppose I finally knew the ship's name I'm on anyway.

"I'm on the Hail Mary."

Each signed copy of the "Project Hail Mary" comes with the same mission crest, made real as a broadened patch.

The "Project Hail Mary" virtual book tour will feature the following events as announced on Thursday (March 4) by Ballatine:

  • 4 May in cooperation with Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego, California

  • Barnes & Noble on May 6

  • 10 May in Washington, D.C. with Politics & Prose.

  • 11 May in Seattle, Washington with Third Place Books

  • 12 May in Brooklyn, New York Community Bookstore

  • 13 May in Houston, Texas with Space Center Houston

For each host and Weir's website, you will be able to get more information on every virtual tour stop, including the ticket price and how to participate.

Author Andy Weir will go on a virtual book tour for "Project Hail Mary" seen here during a 2018 NASA podcast taping. (Image Credit: NASA)

While the mission patch for Project Hail Mary was adapted from the book, Ryan Gosling might one morning also show the design in a future film ("First Man," "Blade Runner 2049"). The actor's book rights were acquired by MGM and directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller ("The Lego Film").

Weir's third book is "Project Hail Mary." In 2017 he wrote the near-coming lunar caper "Artemis," after "The Martian" and the films with Lord and Miller were also attached to the directing by 20th century Fox and New Regency.


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Sources and NASA.

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