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Apple still has a lot of new stuff coming in 2021

We no one has any new WWDC hardware, but there is a great way to go in 2021.

Following the Spring Loaded event, WWDC came and released the colorful 24-inch iMac, Siri Remote, and the new iPad Pro with an M1 processor and an awesome Liquid Retina XDR display. But, don't worry, over the second half of 2021 Apple will be quite busy. This is all we expect to see from now until 2022.

Airpods (3rd generation)

Initially, we believed that the Spring Loading event had new AirPods but Apple chose to completely omit audio items. But they could reach the iPhone event in the fall at any time, based on leaks and rumors.

Apart from precise picture leaked last several months showing a pair of earbuds with shorter stems and nice ears, much like the AirPods Pro. Early rumors stated that noise could be canceled, but later sources state it isn't. But every source says they're ready for shipping and we may arrive any time, and we don't really know after they skipped the Spring Loaded Event and the WWDC.

Source- Macworld

iPad (9th generation)

Since Apple released a 6th generation A10 CPU and Apple Pencil support in 2018, Apple hasn't done much to enhance its entry-level iPad, but speculations indicate that a new version has been put together to finalize a more modern appearance.

The new iPad will probably keep the button at home, but the design can be closer to the old iPad air, so the entire package should become slimmer and much slimmer all around. The new iPad will come more probable in late summer or early fall because it did not arrive at the spring event.

iPad mini (6th generation)

In 2019, Apple last updated the tiny iPad, leaving the same old appearance. The update comes later in this year, which is rumored to change, but we don't know how current it will be. Some rumors indicate that the mini features a design that resembles the original iPad Air with a narrower bezel, while others expect the Liquid Retina screen and the Touch ID button, like the new iPad Air. The bigger iPad is probably next to it.

Apple Pencil (3rd generation)

It looks odd that a new iPad Pro with an M1 CPU and a look-stretch display is released but Apple doesn't have a new Apple Pencil to use. But a new Apple Pencil with a sparkling finish has been developed from what we heard and seen, although we know very little about it. The new Pencil might be an update to the first-genre model that works with the iPad and iPad mini entry levels later this year.

Source- The Apple Post

14-inch/16-inch MacBook Pro

We heard about a newly designed MacBook Pro for a while and it looks like that's likely to happen this year as the Apple silicon shift is in full force. Apple will supply two sizes (14" and 16") with smaller lenses around and bring back some of the absent items: HDMI, an SD card reader, more Thunderbolt connections, and MagSafe. We hear that the Touch Bar will also be leaving. We hoped that WWDC would arrive, but we hear that production problems have pushed it early to late summer.

Mac mini

The Mac mini was one of the first Macs to have an M1 CPU by the end of 2022, but Apple plans to launch another by 2021. It will be a high-end, M1X microprocessor with a new slimmer architecture, according to reports. There will also be four Thunderbolt connections, up to 64GB of RAM, and an iMac power cable in the form of a report.

29-inch iMac

Now that the 24" iMac is out of your bag, it's a pretty safe bet that you're heading for a new superior model before the year is up. We've heard nothing about it, but we've got a few assumptions: Apple silicone version of iMac Pro, essentially, is a space grey, M1X or M2 processor, more RAM, and more connectors. Just with the debut of the iMac in Spring Loaded last week, the WWDC is something wild, perhaps a sneak preview that will ship later this year.

Source- Macworld

iPhone 13

Whatever else arrives in 2021, the new iPhone will be the biggest start in the year and we already have a very decent sense of what it's going to look like: essentially the smaller iPhone 12 series. The Pros can also feature a better camera, a 120Hz screen and an always-on option can finally be available. If no delays exist, the new iPhone is expected in mid-September.

Apple Watch Series 7/SE

In the fall, too, we are all but sure that a new Apple Watch will exist, although it isn't too long for us to continue. We heard rumble about non-invasive tracking of glucose and increased swimming tracking, but the rumor mill had been silent elsewhere. Even we don't know whether there would be a new SE, or whether it's going to be an event like last year. We don't even know. In autumn, check for what the launch looks like.

Apple display

It's likely 2022 but we heard several speculations that Apple is working on a new consumer display which is the first since Thunderbolt, a 27-inch panel, was removed in 2016. This display will probably come next to a new Mac mini, which we heard will remember the PowerMac G4 Cube. However, we would not be surprised to have this pushed to 2022 if so much was done in 2021.


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Source- Macworld

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