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Xiaomi and Oppo are teaming up with Google to develop their own smartphone chipsets.

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According to new rumors, Google is developing its own smartphone chipsets, with the Pixel 6 perhaps being the first to profit. According to a recent source, both Xiaomi and Oppo would collaborate with Google to create custom silicon.

The new custom processors are expected to enter the market in late 2021 or early 2022, according to DigiTimes. Both Xiaomi and Oppo recently launched flagship phones, and it's possible that they won't be releasing any more for a while.

The research doesn't go into great depth on what's coming – and the information is, of course, unverified for the time being – so it's something that two major market leaders, Xiaomi and Oppo, might decide to do.

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We'll have to wait to see what kind of specifications and efficiency these new chipsets offer – right now, all we know is that 5G will be enabled on the processors, which is just what you'd imagine.

Chips accompanied by everything

Apple is a pioneer in custom chipset development, such as the A14 Bionic used in the iPhone 12, allowing it to run on both hardware and software at the same time. It's a tactic it's now pursuing with all of its devices.

Until now, Android phone makers have relied on Qualcomm chips to power their devices, though some companies, such as Samsung and Huawei, have developed their own silicon solutions for use in specific smartphones.

If the rumors are true, Google, Xiaomi, and Oppo will all release their own processors in the coming future – and one of the reasons for the move may be the global chip shortage that is impacting everything from graphics cards to tablets right now.

For the time being, it's unclear which Xiaomi or Oppo smartphones will be equipped with the latest CPUs, but the Xiaomi Mi Note 11 and the Oppo Find X4 may both be contenders – and we'll keep you updated if any formal announcements are made.


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