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Samsung will stop producing the Galaxy S20 FE 4G with an Exynos processor and instead use Snapdragon

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Last year, Samsung announced the Galaxy S20 FE, a 'flagship killer' computer with two SoCs: the Exynos 990 for 4G and the Snapdragon 865 for 5G.

A Galaxy S20 FE 4G with the Snapdragon chip has recently been spotted in benchmarks, and now a normally reliable leakster claims that this is the future. As in, Samsung will no longer manufacture the Exynos-powered Galaxy S20 FE 4G, instead opting for the Snapdragon "865+" instead.

That would be an interesting 180, but given the efficiency, battery life, and camera quality discrepancies between the two chipsets, I'm sure a lot of people would feel vindicated by this decision. Last year, there was a major and nasty debate about it, particularly with the non-FE S20 line, where you couldn't get both chip options because Samsung decided which to use regionally.

If you chose the Snapdragon option on the FE, you got the 5G version and were good to go. It turns out that you won't have to do that for long, as all Galaxy S20 FE units will feature a Snapdragon processor. That is, if this rumor turns out to be real, which we don't know yet, so take it with a grain of salt.


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