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iPad Pro 2021 edition and AirTags are allegedly due on March 2021 Apple event.

According to new news, Apple aims to unveil the AirTags and its 2021 iPad Pro update. Rumours about the couple have been circulating for months, probably beginning simultaneously.

With his claims regarding upcoming Apple hardware launches, Prosser rose to fame last year, and now the YouTuber and Twitter personality claims to have the inside track on the arrival of the iPad Pros and the long-awaited AirTags.

Apple expects to announce both next month, according to Prosser, but it is uncertain whether the company plans to launch them simultaneously. In our view, these may well be educated guesses.

On the one hand, in March 2020, Apple announced the iPad Pro 2020 series, so it is not a great deal of work to say that their successors will debut a year later. It is worth stressing that Apple usually leaves 18 months, not 12 months, between iPad Pro launches. Therefore, based on previous iPad Pro launches, a June 2021 launch would seem more probable. In March 2020, Prosser also reported that 5G iPad Pros will arrive 'by the end of this year'.

Similarly, in September 2020, Prosser asserted that Apple will unveil AirTags that month at a hardware event. When that didn't happen, Prosser insisted instead that they would arrive in March 2021. Apple appears not to make hardware announcements before March, so this may well be another Front Page Tech founder's informed guess.

pic credit- screenrant

Rumours and leaks

In the spring and fall, Apple usually releases goods. Often, March sees iPad updates and occasionally new Mac computers. Since the fall event is the largest, September usually brings the latest iPhone, Apple Watch, and also iPad and Mac device updates. In other months, Apple sometimes launches goods, but those dates aren't set in stone. The end-of-year event was divided over three consecutive months in 2020, upgrading the iPad Air in September, October, and November, launching a new HomePod mini and AirPods Max headphones, and a massive iPhone upgrade.

According to a tweet from Apple leaker Jon Prosser, who noted that no further delays were planned, along with a finger-crossed emoji, the AirTag could be released in March. The justification for the additional reassurance, tempered with an expression of confusion, is due to the persistent reports of the imminent arrival of the item last year. Others have rumored and leaked the AirTag, and Apple has also filed patents that seem to be about the same thing, so it definitely seems to be genuine. Prosser responded to a question about the iPad Pro in a follow-up tweet, sharing that it will arrive in March as well. It is anticipated that the AirTag will be an enhanced object tracker that uses ultra-wideband technology to distinguish locations even more accurately than regular trackers. Last year, Prosser posted renderings of a supposed AirTage.

Of course, last year was the year that the pandemic started to significantly restrict mobility, which is a key aspect of why a monitoring device such as the AirTag is needed, so it makes sense to wait. As traveling outside is currently reduced to a minimum, when travel restrictions are lifted, the product will likely be more common. Perhaps with the delivery of the vaccine, that will come and Apple will expect this to be the right time to start. Due to Samsung's release of the related Galaxy SmartTag in January of this year, there may also be an extra incentive. The solution by Apple may have more applications than merely being an object tracker, but it only serves to fuel the imagination so far.

Since the current model is a year old, the forthcoming iPad Pro release seems more certain and the argument for purchasing the high-end model is no longer as persuasive when many of the same features and capabilities are available for the lower-cost iPad Air 4. It is speculated that the 2021 iPad Pro is the first Apple device to receive mini-LED backlighting, which could lead to a major increase in brightness, contrast, and black level, taking it closer to the iPhone 12 screen quality. Naturally, due to having more cores, the new iPad Pro would have a faster processor, likely to be an A14X, which will be a faster version of the A14 that powers the iPad Air 4. Although it remains to be seen if next month the mysterious AirTag will surely make an appearance, new iPad Pro models should at least.

Source- Screenrant, Notebook Check

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