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Impact of covid on Indian education

Education is the backbone of any society. Most of the developed countries spend a significant amount on their education programs. But all these efforts came to a halt when the government-imposed nationwide lockdown due to covid-19. Covid-19 has changed our lifestyle and formal settings to two great extents to which we have never thought of.

Effect on Schools

In India, over 1.5 million schools closed down due to the pandemic. Though only a handful of them adapted to the e-learning process, most Indian students are not equipped for this transition. In urban areas, only 24% of households have access to the internet, but in rural areas, the number is much lower, only 4% of households have internet connectivity. This puts the future of numerous students in jeopardy.

Effect on colleges

Students who have joined colleges in the year 2020 are missing the golden days of their life. They have to continue their classes from their native locations and miss personal interactions, peer learnings, and the essence of campus life, which plays an essential role in shaping students' careers. A survey titled "Big Qs Student Survey" revealed that 47% of students have decided against migrating to another city for higher education.

Effect on admissions

This year has affected most of the students who were preparing for entrance examinations. All the significant exams, including board exams university exams, and entrance exams, were postponed. Despots unnecessarily stress on the students. In the later part of the year, most of the colleges conducted their admission procedure online, but the complicated and extensive process has taken a toll on the students from rural areas.

Effect on placements

The pandemic has led many colleges to postpone their placement processes. Management colleges and engineering colleges, including IITs and IIMs, have postponed their academic calendars. Most of the companies paused their hiring process due to lockdown and slowdown in business. Bullet the cloud appreciation hovering upon the world economy, the career opportunities for the final year students seem sleek. With limited career opportunities, this year will be very critical for the graduating students.

Positive Changes to Education in India

With most educational institutes adopting digital platforms, the adaptation of e-learning is skyrocketing. With fresher perspectives and newer technologies, the students will be better skilled for the upcoming session. Although there will be fewer students studying abroad, universities and colleges in India will be enhanced with many top-tier students attending national schools.

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