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IBM collaborates with IITs and other organizations to enhance quantum computing learning

IBM has recently announced that they would open their doors to some of the top institutions of India to have over the cloud access to the company’s computing system. The students and faculties will be able to access the quantum learning system, quantum learning resources, and quantum tools by the Cloud computing system of the company for educational and research purposes.

Indian Institute of Science Education & Research (IISER) - Pune, IISER - Thiruvananthapuram, Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) - Jodhpur, IIT- Kanpur, IIT - Kharagpur, IIT - Madras, Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) Kolkata, Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) Delhi, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) Mumbai and the University of Calcutta, are the institutions that have been chosen for this prestigious offer.

Source: The Times of India

The association with India's leading universities is part of IBM's Quantum Educators program, which connects teachers in the quantum field. It also gives students resources to help them have better educational experiences.

"The program offers multiple benefits like additional access to systems beyond IBM's open systems, pulse access on the additional systems, priority considerations when in the queue, and private collaboration channels with other educators in the program," published an IBM press release.

Quantum Computing Lab courses for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students are expected to be offered by IISER Thiruvananthapuram, ISI Kolkata, and IIT Madras. Lab sessions employing IBM quantum systems will be included in these lectures.

While the University of Calcutta has received an IBM Quantum Researchers Program Access Award for a project directed by researcher Mrityunjay Ghosh under the guidance and supervision of Dr. Amlan Chakrabarti, Professor, and Director of the University of Calcutta's A.K. Choudhury School of IT. This is the first time an IBM Quantum Researchers Program Access Award has been presented to an Indian university student or faculty member.

According to IBM, this relationship will benefit approximately 100-150 students each year, allowing them to work on sophisticated projects, algorithms, and use cases.

"Quantum Computing is a paradigm-shifting technology that can power countless innovations in the future. By providing access to our systems over the cloud, IBM is enabling India's brightest minds to learn the skills to prepare for this disruptive future", Gargi Dasgupta, Director, IBM Research India, and CTO, IBM India/South Asia, commented on the engagement with India's premier institutes.
"IBM is committed to growing a quantum-ready workforce and building an ecosystem to nurture the quantum community in India. With this engagement, we can take it a step further to scale up this ecosystem in India, for India and the world."

According to IBM, the market for quantum skills is likely to skyrocket in the next years. According to a poll conducted by Burning Glass Technologies, demand for quantum talents is predicted to increase 135 percent in the next five years.


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Source: Business Today


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