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5 best Android applications for women's security

International Women's Day 2021: Protection for women has always been one of the world's most important issues. Five applications to ensure the safety of women.

The protection of women has always been one of the world's biggest concerns. In recent years, a number of campaigns have been undertaken to ensure women are safe to leave their homes. One is the introduction of applications that make women feel safer than ever. We have listed some of the best women's safety applications before International Women's Day and some applications are designed to ensure the safety of women.

5 best security apps for women


Safetipin is one of Google Play's best female protection apps available. The app ensures personal protection, including GPS monitoring, emergency contact numbers, safety instructions, etc. The app also identifies safe places with the security scores that are referred to during any issue in order to provide an improved user experience. Users can also identify and assist those in dangerous environments. The app is available in English in some regional languages like Hindi, Bahasa, and Spanish.

Raksha – women safety alert

The Safetipin app gives similar offers. It guarantees protection for women by providing a button to send warnings to family and friends in an anxiety situation. Users are also permitted to pick contacts that can see the location. The Raksha app also has SOS features and can send SMS to non-internet users if the user is stuck.


The Delhi Police has recommended the Himmat app and ensures the safety of women on the highways. When a user is stuck in a problem, the app allows them to raise the SOS alarm and directly transfers location information and audio video to the police room in Delhi. The police will then get to the site.

Women Safety

Like all other applications, the user gathers information when the user is in trouble and then tells the person he/she is in an unsafe position. The app is able to submit all user location information just by pressing the button. The app is also available. It sends an SMS with the location and a connection to Google Maps to a preconfigured number. The app clicks two images directly transmitted to the server with the front and the back camera.


The Smart24x7 is another women's security app with great features. The app is assisted only for the protection of women and senior citizens by different state police. In a problem situation, it sends emergency alarm warnings, records voices, and clicks pictures in panic. These images and voice recordings are then sent to the police.


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