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Why Apple was fined Rs 14.4 crores in Brazil for not including a charger with the iPhone 12 series

According to Procon-SP, Apple engages in "misleading ads," as iPhone 11 Pro users have alleged that Apple has failed to repair their phones following water damage.

The iPhone 12 does not come with a charging adaptor. Although the news was disappointing, Apple fans finally accepted it.

Procon-SP, the Brazilian consumer protection regulator, fined Apple on Friday (March 19) for failing to include a charger in the iPhone 12 box, according to recent reports.

According to a report by 9TO5Mac, Apple was fined USD 2 million (roughly 14.4 crores) or 10,5 million Brazilian Reals for "misleading ads, selling a device without the charger, and unfair terms."

According to the website, this isn't the first time the Brazilian consumer watchdog has inquired about Apple's new policy.

The agency stated in November 2020 that the iPhone manufacturer "did not show an environmental gain."

Apple is offering "misleading ads," according to Procon-SP, because "iPhone 11 Pro customers claimed that Apple did not repair their phones after problems with water."

"Apple exempts itself from all legal and implied guarantees and against hidden or not evident defects," according to the agency, which also cited "iOS update problems" and "unfair terms" as other concerns.

Apple has not replied to Procon-questions SP's about whether the price of the iPhone 12 has decreased since the charger was removed, and what the price of the iPhone is with and without the charger.

“Apple must recognize that Brazil has strong consumer protection laws and institutions. It has to respect these laws and institutions,” Procon-SP Executive Director Fernando Capez was quoted as saying.


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Source- DNAIndia

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