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What made you happy today?

The key to being happy is knowing you have the power to choose what to accept and what to let go.

7:00 Am, 21/03/21

It was like any other usual morning and I was sitting on the window enjoying the calm, gentle breeze holding a cup of coffee and in the distance, I could hear those noisy birds chirping and gossiping about their life. The sky was completely blue and in between the clouds are jumping from here and there making different shapes, as if bringing them to reality. I was completely lost in nature and suddenly my mind clicked me for a snap. I took out my phone and was trying to click some good photos. After quite a few clicks I was scrolling down the gallery looking for past memories of my clickings and suddenly there was a photo that struck my eye.

This would seem like any ordinary photo or maybe a stupid one. But this picture had a lot of memories kept within. This was the first quote I dedicated to her when we had our first silly fight and I was terribly upset. I had to make her happy anyway and I couldn't find a better way than this. In the background there are two fingers down there, it was hers. She had sent me that one the night before. In our lives, we all have some persons who created a greater impact in our lives, the person who taught us the definition of love, the feeling, and that bonding. But with time we lose that person and we miss them like anything else in the world. Later we realize those persons weren't wrong, the timing was. So in my story too I still miss her and these small instances like this morning take me back to those times and make me feel that she's still there somewhere close to my heart.

Wanna know the story ?

Let's keep that pending for another day and let me know how many of you are interested to hear my story. Leave a comment for me and I will surely share with you the story of my life.

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