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This is all about apple's "Tour Apple Park" app to welcome new employees

Most of you probably already know Apple Park, the iconic new Apple campus that opened in 2017 and since then has held almost every Apple function. However, the campus isn't accessible to the public, which makes us even more curious. Luckily we can now get a closer look at Apple Park, thanks to an internal app the company created for employees that are called “Tour Apple Park.”

A Twitter user described Andrey as having posted some photos taken from his profile from this internal app. The internal application has been designed to be used as a guide to accommodating new hires, encouraging them to walk around the park and to get to know the surroundings. Since it's a private app, without an Apple employee there's no way to use it.

The Apple Park Tour app offers a range of maps, like points including the Fitness Centre, the Caffè Macs Cafeteria, and the renowned Steve Jobs Theater, which provides recommended walking routes.

The figures that have been found in Apple Park, such as olive trees, orchards, and more, have been produced by Apple as well. There are also audio-guided walks that explain details about the Apple Park construction

The road outside Entry 4 starts with this tour. It is hard to imagine, standing here, that this site was entirely flat before the construction of Apple Park. The topography is currently one of its main characteristics. Why were we creating these hills and why were we designing them?

On the site, the hills play an important role. For one, they obscure the vast South car parking structures of Apple Park, which are and 6,000 cars over four stories tall. You can't even look at them here, but on the other hand, they are right. And on Interstate 280, you can't hear any traffic noise. The hills are an optimistic buffer. They are a lovely buffer.

Steve's vision is brought to life with Apple Park. This focus has been placed on fitness and jogging trails since our initial talks on the campus. It was a guideline. You have to walk between the car and your desk the idea that it's nice for you to head out. From him, that was quite obvious.

Steve was notorious for walking to the Stanford dish, so in Apple Park, we've got hills where you can have a stroll or a jog. The trail winds around the perimeter of the hill. You can only go out on the road, you can really getaway. You can even lookup to the Diablo range at the highest point.

These hills are their favorite destination for many people. So let's go wander them! Let's just wander them! From Entry 3 we will take a jogging track.


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Source- 9to5Mac

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