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"The next-generation Windows 10" is unbelievable, Microsoft confirms.

We all know that updating Windows 10 Sun Valley will be a huge thing in the operating system, but we finally have an official confirmation, after a new announcement from Microsoft, that the next generation of Windows will be "incredible" and "massive."

The Microsoft Panos Panay has reported that the tech giant worked on the "Windows next-generation" operating system, following a lot of whirlwind over the last few months about how long it has been since the major Windows 10 feature update.

At Ignite 2021, Panos Panay said he is looking forward to Windows and there will be several new features.

Panos Panay reported that "We've got new features coming." "[We] didn't tell you what's going to come with the next generation of Windows, but I can say I'm pumped so."

Panos Panay said, "We know the Windows' future is unbelievable."

Microsoft will not speak about next-generation Windows this week, but rumors say that a special event for Windows, computing, and gaming will be planned by the technology giant.

Improvements to come-

The new Start menu replaces the existing Start Menu according to some sources, such as Windows 10, Sun Valley, and the "next-gen Windows."

Action Center has also been updated and updates will also be made for inbox applications.

Sources already gave a peek at what would look like the updated Start-Up Windows 10 menu – and it looks like a great change.

The default start menu doesn't get a drastic redesign, but it seems Microsoft works hard to make sure the start-up menu looks "new" and combines with other aesthetic modifications such as rounded angles and fluent design.

Besides the rounded corners, a new "optional" starting menu layout with major improvements is supposed to function for Microsoft.

In one of the experiments, Microsoft even experimented without live or static tiles with the Windows 10X-like Start Menu.

The update for Windows 10 Sun Valley is scheduled to reach RTM status in June and will commence to roll out in October/November for consumers.

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