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The new concept phone of Xiaomi shows a waterfall on all four corners without Port, Bezels &Button.

This means that an unnamed phone screen not only has deep, 88-°, waterfall curves on both left and right sides; on top and bottom, it does not offer space for ports and buttons. Xiaomi has a newsletter design: "quad-curved waterfall display." Xiaomi claims that this will "expand the display's limits to infinity" and make "true unibody design free of port."

The obvious question is how it will work at the corners of the screen and it looks as though Xiaomi literally leaves them blank with tiny round cutouts, depending on the promotional imagination. Not all infinity, then, but still a good trick – although it sounds like its nightmare to people who do not already love the relatively tiny curved displays on telephones like the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

It does not quite have the effect of announcing a prototype device completely via the transfers, as was usual before COVID. A representative of Xiaomi tells The Verge that this telephone really exists and used it for what's worth. According to Xiaomi, the show is the result of "untold breakthroughs in the bending and lamination of glass," reflecting a total of 46 ground-breakers patents.

This idea telephone follows the announcement last week of Xiaomi's seemingly strange Xiaomi, its genuinely WLAN "Mi Air Charge." And back in 2019, Xiaomi disclosed Mi Mix Alpha, which featured almost the whole show, even though it never went on sale. It can never become a commercially available device with this latest idea.

Source- The Verge

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