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Sierra Wireless- The IoT Giant is harmed by a ransomware attack: Report

The attack by ransomware disrupted the production lines of the IoT manufacturer through many locations and other internal operations.

This week, a ransomware attack on Sierra Wireless, the leading internet-of-things (IoT) producer, halted their development activities and froze many other internal operations.

The Canadian multinational supplier produces a wide range of networking devices – from gates to routers, cellular modems to modules, and intelligent IoT computer connectivity solutions.

The ransomware attack reached its first production location, on 20 March, forcing the IT systems of the company offline and stopping production. It said Tuesday that the attack has also affected the Sierra Wireless website and other internal operations. The website of the company ( is now down and says "The site is maintained."

The company says it is focusing on the internalization of its IT processes, which it hopes will "soon" restart production at its plants.

"The company once learned the attack, immediately implemented measures to counter the attack by its IT and operations teams, in line with existing cybersecurity procedures and policies developed in collaboration with third-party consultants," Sierra Wireless said.

The company also withdraws its guidance for the first quarter of 2021, as given on 23 Feb., due to the disruptions that have been caused by the cyber-attack, and highlights the possible financial harm that the attack could cause.

The business said, however, that at the moment, it does not assume that the attack influenced its customer-oriented goods and services. Whether consumer data was affected is not clear.

Sierra Wireless did not explain at the time how the cyberattack first happened, what kind of lifesaver was requested and whether it considered paying. The number of production centers affected by the cyberattack is also not clear. Sierra Wireless is a multinational network hub operating in Asia, Europe, and North America, as well as research and development centers.

Sierra Wireless also refrained from commenting: "We do not disclose our guidelines on coping with ransomware attacks in addition to telling third-party consultants, clients, and those affected by the attack because this is deemed high-sensitivity and confidential," the spokesman said to Threatpost.

Matt Sanders, LogRhythm's director of security, said the incident is an example of how a smart device can influence a business.


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Source- Threat Post

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