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Russia fines Apple $12 million for alleged app market abuse

The FAS said in its announcement that it had levied a turnover penalty on Apple for the suspected breaches of Russian anti-monopoly law of 906.3 million ($12.1 million).

Russia said in Moscow's new fight with a Western technology company, it fined Apple $12 million in suspected violation of its dominance in the field of mobile applications.

The Federal Anti-Monopoly Service (FAS) announced on Tuesday the competitive advantage of U.S. tech giant Apple's delivery of software over its iOS operating system.

Apple said it "respectfully disagreed" with and will appeal the FAS decision.

In recent months, Western technology firms in Russia have been under increased pressure with Twitter's social network slowing down punitively as content is not deleted, which Moscow believes is illegal.

The fire has also fallen on Facebook, Tiktok, and Google's Alphabet.

The FAS said in a statement that it levied a turnover fine on Apple for an alleged breach of the Russian anti-monopoly legislation of 906.3 million rubles ($12.1 million).

In August 2020 it determined that Apple had violated its dominance by issuing a directive ordering the company's removal from its App Store of the clauses that give it the power to refuse third-party applications.

That change followed a complaint from Kaspersky Lab's cybersecurity business, which said Apple's operating system has rejected a new version of its SafeKids app.

Apple has proudly supported thousands of developers, including Kaspersky, in Russia.

Anton Gorelkin, a member of the information and communication committee of the Russian State Duma, says that the fine will not kill Apple, but that financial statements are visible.

"Some of our talks with Big Tech that have been on show in the West are gradually getting close to that kind of seriousness," Gorelkin said in a telegram. ($1 = 74,8200 roubles)

Russia is reportedly penalizing Apple with US$12 million for allegedly abusing its mobile app store's dominance on the market. This represents another case of the brand's app store costs.

According to a MoneyControl study, the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) reported earlier this week that its own goods have been better competitive with the Copertino based giant's distribution of apps through its iOS operating system. Apple responded and said it "respectfully disagreed" with the FAS decision and said he would appeal it. Apple replied. Western technological giants were increasingly under surveillance in the area in recent months, with Twitter under pressure after some content was not deleted online.

Similarly, local authorities and government pressure have increased in Facebook, Google, and even TikTok. The FAS announced in a Statement that Apple will be fined Ruble 906.3 million (about $12.1 million), in violation of Russia's anti-monopoly rules. In 2020, the company found that it abused its dominant position and then issued a directive removing provisions that allowed it to exclude applications from its App Store by third parties.

This move comes after a complaint from Kaspersky Lab, a well-known cybersecurity-focused company, that Apple's operating system has rejected a new version of its Safe Kids app. As a response, the iPhone manufacturer said it "worked with Kaspersky to ensure that its application complies with guidelines for the safeguarding of children. They have 13 applications currently available in the App Store and hundreds of updates have been processed."


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Source- TheHindu, Gizmochina

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