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Prospects of Chintu from WhiteHat Jr: Young coders gearing up in recent times

A very popular commercial that created a hype on social media was a young guy, Chintu, creating an app for getting famous. People from the neighborhood and investors were impressed. This was all about the ad of WhiteHat Jr which urges young school-going kids to learn to code and create an app. This site teaches coding from basics to young minds. So, what’s this all about? Unlike the classical thinking of computer science where the teenagers only learn to use computer applications like painting or writing using it. This era presents an in-depth view to deal with various developments in the system and software that provides a robust product to use. In layman’s term just tries to inculcate the level of thinking among young minds which computer developers do.

Coding: What stuff it’s made of

Basically, coding is just how a programmer interacts with the process under development or construction. Just like the language we use, it has proper grammar, syntax, and requirements to be met for successful use. Now, here is also a variety of languages for computers to compile, created by developers so that we need not go to binary level for some useful task. So, gripping these languages are very essential for the life of developers. This can be only learned by understanding and practice. In today’s world, young minds are groomed with basic coding skills, its building blocks, and thought process to use them efficiently. Moreover, only one programming language does not suffice for a good software engineer or developer. The data structures and algorithms involved in real-life projects require extreme thinking. The different programming languages come with various advantages and utilities, hence proper use in the proper platform becomes necessary. Machine learning codes write easier using Python, on the contrary, app developers mostly use Java.

Requirements in the modern world

The world is getting digitalized. From a poor family man to rich personalities, everyone enjoys some benefit of internet. So, maintaining and creating such a strong network requires more and more developers in recent times. Be it creating an app, a website, or software, the user’s demands are always rising. Moreover, it caters to various applications in our real life. The use of the internet has increased manifold in the past 5 years. In India too, young minds are pushed to find their careers in this digital field which is growing at a faster pace. Even the new education policy highlights the introduction of coding from class 6 itself. Various coding platforms provide internship opportunities to young coders for their rising talents and interests.

Meet some young developers

Over time, we have some young developers on the globe. Nick A’loisio, an English guy, created a summarization app using AI technology at the age of 15 in 2011. Creator of word game 4Snaps is also created by a young mind of 17. Runaway Task management app was developed by Ryan Orbuch and Michael Hansen. They began it when they were 15. In India too, some young coders like Hirranya Rajani, a 6-year-old student created a sign language app. Shaurya Sharma created an AI chatbot at an age of 13 years only. These are only a few names it is mentioned here, but a lot of young minds are working in various developmental fields in recent times, and making some path-breaking software, games, apps, or websites. They are the perfect example to show that young minds possess the power of critical thinking and come of great help in our digital world.

Is creating an app the only goal?

The answer is clearly NO. Yes, news or information is published about some app creation, but it is not always right to focus on app creators. Apps are some complete application that a user utilize for some work, information or entertainment. Being a developer, there can be many things one can do. Creating software, making a website for some purpose, doing some open-source work are some of the very common targets that young minds must make in their learning process. Even maintenance work in software and fixing bugs requires a lot of complex thinking and a responsible mind. Many teenagers work on and develop open-source projects nowadays. Even Google launches various talent programs, the one being GSoC, which attracts young developers. To be precise, developmental fields require a lot more attention than creating an app.

Responses of teenagers

The statistics show how efficient teenagers are in all these aspects. They are the idol of others of their age. Students of age above 10 have taken interest in recent times to learn to code. Fresh proof of it is various school-goers on coding platforms who are rocking here. The push was greater in past one year due to the pandemic, where school-going children got accustomed to online education than physical classes. This exposed them to all these learning opportunities and start-ups like WhiteHat Jr paved their way for easy learning. Moreover, famous coding platforms use young talents who assist them. Codechef, Codeforces, Spoj, etc, have students more than 20 percent of students below the age of 15. Hence it can be understood how positive the responses from the teenagers are.

It must also be taken care that young minds do not indulge in any unethical work due to such a digital burst. It is the responsibility of the parents, guides, or teachers to show them the right path and motivate them to do better in the days to come.

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