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Noonlight- USA’s best Safety App, Over 2 Million People Protected.

Ever felt unsafe and scared while walking on an empty road to return home or going somewhere else?

Noonlight, formerly SafeTrek, is a mobile app and connected security network that can cause emergency service requests. By clicking a button, users of Noonlight can activate an alarm. Users can attach to other smart devices to activate alarms for them automatically. For both Android and iOS devices, the app is available. Since 2013, it has safeguarded over 2 million users and treated over 90,000 emergencies across America.

Zach Winkler is the CEO of the company, founded and produced Noonlight. The moto of the Startup is an app to help individuals walk safely from point A to point B, is now a suite of emergency response APIs that support some of the IoT market's smartest home, wellness, and lifestyle items. Their mission is simple; protecting and soothing individuals so that they can live freely.

The app was developed at the University of Missouri in 2013 in response to the high number of crime incidents and the slow detection by 911 services of the location of people making calls. Winkler notes that "what most of us don't realize is that 9-1-1 really doesn’t have your location when you call them. It takes them up to six minutes sometimes to get a 300-meter accuracy reading of where you are" Noonlight can obtain the exact GPS location of users in seconds after activating the alarm within 5 meters.

According to CNBC, SafeTrek was one of the top 25 promising start-ups in February 2017. Originally, Noonlight began as a way to safely get students from one point to another, and now it allows users to connect through the Noonlight app to other apps and smart devices. By allowing the linked app or computer to activate the Noonlight alarm for them, this provides a way for users to get help even though they are unable or unaware of the emergency. This solution also sends crucial information to first responders to make them more aware of the situation and better prepared for it. Also, via Noonlight, users who already have memberships via some of these connected devices now have access to the safety button or other safety features.


This App is for everyone either you are only a consumer or you are a developer or you are a first observer of something emergency.

For Consumer Some of the app’s features are-

  • Silently summon assistance with the tap of a button to your precise position

  • Save your timeline info, such as who, when, and where you meet, just in case anything happens.

  • Add friends to your Safety Network to ensure that you never get lost from them or vice versa.

  • For smarter, quicker help in an emergency, connect Noonlight to other apps and devices.

This app also works with Tinder, Apple health, apple watch, and many more 3rd party options are available.

A meeting with someone new? See the suspicious thing? Just to be sure, add a note to your timeline. In an emergency, we'll share important details with authorities.

Who would know that if you did not make it home safely, you would be worried? In your Safety Network, add friends so they can request a check-in. We'll help them track your steps if you don't respond, and send them to the police if you're in danger.

Noonlight will exchange important details with first responders in an emergency - things such as your picture, age, and medical conditions - so you get the right support right away.

This app is Free but there is also a Pro Version of $5 and $10 per month with some additional features. You can check on its website-

If you are a developer, you can customize and make addon on the apps with just a few lines of code, and this is cool to use the app the way you want. This idea is really a great one.

Every people in the US should have this app because if you come across something emergency you can call emergency services.

This app is most Valuable for Girls. This type of service should start in the middle east and Asia specifically in India where Girls’ Safety is really a matter.

So, How this app works??

The app works in 3 steps-

1. Whenever You are feeling unsafe- Just Open the App and Hold the button.

2. When you feel safe, you overcome the problem just release the button and enter your 4 digit pin.

3. But if your Danger is still on and you want help, release the button and don’t enter pin, the app authority will call police and police will appear rapidly in your exact location as soon as possible.

All over 2 million people benefited from this app and Noonlight has three 24/7 highly trained call centers, they have 100% coverage throughout the US.

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