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New System of autonomous driving technology for CVs by Volkswagen- Here is the details.

In Argo AI, a company specializing in software platforms for autonomous driving, Ford Motor Company and VW Commercial Véhicles have invested equally.

The development and introduction of autonomous driving is rapidly advancing Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (VWCV). At present, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is designing autonomous systems for traffic use in 2025. Ford Motor Company and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles have both invested in Argo AI in their partnership, which is a company specialising in autonomous drive software platforms. The aim: to build autonomous systems consistently and rapidly. Volkswagen has brought its subsidiary Help (Autonomous Intelligent Driving) into Argo AI, in addition to an initial investment in one billion US dollars. VWCV is now taking the next important step forward towards a world of autonomous mobility with the proposal for the autonomous driving budget approved by the Supervisory Board.

"We are setting the path for mobility in the future with confirmation from the Supervisory Board of the Company for our Self-Going R&D programme. Electric driving can play a major role in urban mobility and road safety. The first logical option of using these systems is our vehicles."

After today's Volkswagen Group Supervisory Board Meeting, Carsten Intra, CEO of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, explains.

The brand of commercial vehicles is responsible for the production and commercial use in urban areas of fully autonomous systems. Special purpose vehicles (SPVs), such as robo taxis and van building will be built and constructed by VWCV.

The software company that develops support and automated driving functions for the private sector mobility of all the Volkswagen Group brands to level 4, in parallel and independently of Argo AI, also spends billions on the investment in Argo AI.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles designs vehicles for the application of the self-driving technology of Argo (SDS). They are focused on BUZZ, which is going to premiere worldwide next year.


Source- CarandBike, Dw etc.

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