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LG's handset market is shutting down.

LG's handset division is shutting down: Here's what's going on with the rollable tablet and the V60's successor.

LG's last two high-end phones were the LG V60 and the LG Wing with dual screens.

LG recently revealed that it would no longer produce smartphones. This means that the company will not only stop developing new smartphones in the future but will also stop focusing on those that are already in production. According to Android Authority, LG has confirmed that both the rollable phone prototype and the successor to the LG V60 will not see the light of day.

An LG representative told the website, "I'm not sure how authentic those photographs are, but neither system will be created any further."

It's worth noting that LG was on the verge of releasing a rollable phone this year. FrontTron, a tipster, recently shared a photo from Korea's telecommunications regulatory authority, which shows the phone in its entirety. The unit seemed to be a final prototype from the outside.

While the company will not be releasing any new hardware, it has stated that consumers will be able to continue to upgrade their devices. In a press release published earlier today, the company stated that its phones would continue to receive software updates based on the area in which they were sold.

This includes the Android 11 update, which Google is now working on getting ready to roll out to certain users.

However, although LG's smartphone market is suffering, the company's home appliance division is growing. The company launched five new soundbars with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X support in Europe and North America just a day ago. The new soundbars, according to LG, are designed to provide "high-quality audio, fast synchronization, clever features, and trendy aesthetics."


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sources: TechHindustanTimes

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