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Katie Hill talks friendship with Matt Gaetz wants him ‘held responsible’.

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

The Florida Republican congressman Matt Gaetz insisted on Monday he would not resign, amid a scandal over alleged sex trafficking.

Katie Hill

At that point, Rep. Katie Hill resigned from Congress in 2019, after allegations that she had engaged in inappropriate sexual relationships with staffers—an ethical breach that was complicated by her ex's sharing bare photographs of Hill with media outlets without her assent as part of a smear campaign against her. At the time, one of only a handful few members of Congress to freely uphold Hill was, inquisitively, Matt Gaetz.

And lately, Gaetz has repeatedly invoked his guard of Hill as part of his advertising campaign to safeguard himself against allegations that he had sex with an underage young lady and perhaps violated federal sex trafficking laws, paid ladies for sex, and showed bare photographs of ladies he laid down with to his colleagues. "My way of life of yesteryear may be trouble, not quite the same as how I live now, yet it was not and isn't illegal. I safeguarded Rep. Katie Hill's 'trouble when her own Democratic colleagues wouldn't. I simply didn't think it was anyone's business," Gaetz wrote in an opinion piece as of late.

How does Hill, a survivor of nonconsensual pornography, feel about Gaetz using her name in his own protection, especially considering that Gaetz is alleged to have shared bare photographs of ladies he had laid down with, likely without their assent? Indeed, Hill has finally stood up, and she has one message for her previous companion and colleague: leave, bitch!

In an opinion piece distributed in Vanity Fair, Hill noticed that Gaetz has been accused "of the same wrongdoing of which I was a casualty: the non-consensual sharing of intimate images." Hill added, "Sharing intimate images or recordings of somebody without their assent ought to be illegal, plain and basic."

At the same time, the previous Democratic congresswoman Katie Hill, who resigned amid a scandal over the non-consensual sharing of express images, said she and Gaetz framed an "impossible companionship" when he was "one of only a handful few colleagues who came to my safeguard".

Gaetz is accounted for to have shared bare pictures of ladies with colleagues. Hill's photos were shared and distributed without her assent.

Even though she paid accolade for Gaetz for supporting her, Hill expressed: "If late reports are valid, he engaged in the very practice he shielded me from – and ought to leave immediately."

Federal investigators are apparently examining whether Gaetz and an ally paid or offered blessings in exchange for sex with underaged young ladies. Part of the investigation is apparently examining whether Gaetz, 38, had sex with a 17-year-old and violated federal sex trafficking laws.

The investigation was first announced by the New York Times, which also said Gaetz took ecstasy, an illegal medication. CNN has announced that Gaetz allegedly showed naked photographs of ladies he laid down with to colleagues in the House.

Gaetz denies wrongdoing. He also claims to be the survivor of attempted coercion.

On Monday, he composed for the Washington Examiner. Saying he wanted to "remind everybody I am a representative in Congress, not a priest, and certainly not a criminal", he added: "This is the way DC works. The liable and wrong point fingers at the innocent and right … And no, I am absolutely not resigning."

He also composed that his "way of life of yesteryear maybe not the same as how I live now, yet it was not and isn't illegal. I shielded Katie Hill's 'trouble when her own Democratic colleagues wouldn't. I simply didn't think it was anyone's business."

Hill resigned from Congress in October 2019, amid fallout from an acrimonious divorce and a relationship with a member of staff.

"Matt was the principal member of Congress who freely and unapologetically safeguarded me," she composed for Vanity Fair, "saying that while I may have made mistakes, I was a casualty in the present circumstance. At probably the darkest snapshot of my life, when I was feeling more alone than I at any point had, Matt defended me – and that really mattered."

She also said she argued with Gaetz after he talked about Andrew Gillum, another Florida politician entangled in scandal, in a way she said was "bi-phobic and horse crap".

Of Gaetz's alleged sharing of bare pictures, Hill expressed: "Sharing intimate images or recordings of somebody without their assent ought to be illegal, plain and basic. It shouldn't matter if it was done to hurt somebody, as with retribution pornography, or to brag about your sexual successes, similar to what Matt has been accused of doing.

"In fact, I've spent the last couple of months advocating for a bill called the Shield Act to be included as part of the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act, which just passed the House and is headed to the Senate. Whenever enacted, it will end up being federal wrongdoing to knowingly convey an intimate visual portrayal of somebody without their authorization.

"While we don't realize enough to determine whether what Matt allegedly did would comprise circulation, this legislation clarifies that it's cast self-destruction wrongdoing if you intend to hurt somebody by sharing their images. Regardless of whether he was simply showing off and meant no harm to those ladies, it's as yet unacceptable.

"Unfortunately, Matt cast a ballot against the bill."

Hill has said she thought about self-destruction, telling the Guardian: "I felt that if I just looked at all together I would never … show that you can make a mistake and recuperate from it or that you can go through an awful encounter and then ascent again."

She has distributed a book, started a podcast, and remained active in Democratic governmental issues.

Gaetz is a prominent Trump ally however he has eagerly attacked Republicans disloyal to the previous president. He has gotten scant help from his own party.

Last week, Barry Bennett, a previous Trump adviser, told the Daily Beast: "For something like this, a 10ft post isn't sufficiently long."

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