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IATA plans to roll out 'within weeks' Covid travel pass: Everything you need to know

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has reportedly said that "within weeks" the wireless Covid travel pass should be ready as many airlines are conducting trials of the software that verifies passengers' health status. Although governments around the world have steadily relaxed restrictions on international entry, many have announced their own set of conditions that must be met by inbound travelers to board an aircraft.

The digital travel pass, an association-developed mobile app, is seen by IATA as an important tool for reopening international borders without the risk of importing infectious diseases. In an effort to seamlessly handle the digital travel documents of passengers, many airlines, including Emirates, Qatar Airways, and Air New Zealand, are carrying out IATA travel pass trials.

We are currently working and learning from these pilots with a variety of airlines around the world. And in March, the plan is to go live, "We are currently working with a number of airlines worldwide and learning from these pilots. And the plan is to go live in March," "Basically, over the next few weeks, we expect to have a fully functional working system."

Here's what you need to know about your IATA travel pass:

The travel pass is a structured solution for validating and authenticating all national regulations relating to Covid-19 passenger travel requirements.

The Global Health Requirements Registry will enable passengers to find correct information on their travel requirements for travel, testing, and vaccination.

The trial app provides a global registry of departure and/or arrival position testing centers and labs that can perform Covid-19 tests in conjunction with the type of test needed for the ride.

The app will allow passengers to establish a digital passport, verify that their test/vaccination complies with the regulations, and exchange test or vaccination certificates with travel facilitators.

In order to get checked data to those who need it, the travel pass connects with states, airlines, and test centers/vaccination providers.

For travelers, the IATA travel pass will be free to download and use on their iOS as well as Android platforms.

According to IATA, only when approved by travelers does the travel pass store any data centrally and merely connects entities that need verification with the test or vaccination data.

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