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How strict are your parents?

Source : Wix Media

You are now a grown-up only if you check 20/30 on this list

  • You weren't allowed to watch PG-13 movies until you were at least 13.

  • You had to ask permission for a sleepover several days in advance to build your case.

  • Your parents ran a background check on your friends' parents before you were allowed to go to their house.

  • Your first phone was one of those flip phones that could only call home and 911.

  • You had a set amount of "screen time" per day.

  • You were actually only allowed to watch TV or use the computer on the weekends.

  • The TV had parental controls that you could never figure out.

  • You weren't allowed to walk outside of your neighborhood alone.

  • You had a curfew all through high school.

  • You could never make last-minute plans because you needed several days to convince your parents to say yes.

  • You weren't allowed to ride in cars with anyone your parents hadn't met.

  • You had to go inside once the streetlights went out.

  • You had a secret Myspace, Xanga, or Facebook account because you weren't allowed to have one.

  • You either had to leave sleepovers the night before or were always the first one to get picked up in the morning.

  • You told your parents you were going to a "group hangout" or "small get-together" whenever you tried to go to a party.

  • You couldn't trick-or-treat alone with your friends until you were too old to even trick-or-treat.

  • You once told your parents you were at a friend's house when really you were off drinking in a field somewhere.

  • You weren't allowed to use the stove unless an adult was home, even as a teenager.

  • You weren't allowed to date until you were 16, but then when you turned 16, you were told it was actually 18.

  • If you had a friend of the opposite sex over, your parents would find an excuse to come in the room and "check on you" every five minutes.

  • You were used to getting the question "Will the parents be home?" any time you went to anyone's house, even if it was just to do homework.

  • You weren't allowed to do anything drastic with your hair, and you definitely couldn't dye it.

  • If you weren't allowed to watch a certain TV show, you just watched it at your friends' houses.

  • You got anxious whenever your friends got into trouble because you were convinced you would get in trouble for associating with them.

  • Your parents went through your text messages, instant messenger chats, or emails to make sure you were being appropriate.

  • Your friends changing plans stressed you out because you knew your parents would probably change their minds and not let you go at all.

  • You were told you had to leave a party if someone brought alcohol.

  • Your parents actually called weed "the devil's lettuce."

  • Parent–teacher conferences always made you extremely anxious even though you did nothing wrong in class, like, ever.

  • Even as an adult, you still feel an urge to ask your parents' permission for stuff.

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