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Google Feed-like personalized alerts are also included in the new Windows 10 taskbar.

Users of Windows 10 will soon be able to get instant alerts such as weather, news, and more directly from their taskbar, thanks to an imminent upgrade. Continue reading to learn more.

(Image source: Microsoft)


Microsoft is redesigning the classic Windows 10 taskbar. The Windows 10 taskbar will now show personalized content such as news and other subjects of interest alongside the users' programs and toggles, thanks to a recent upgrade. These data points will be dependent on the needs of the users and will evolve over time.

According to Microsoft, the update will be available within the next few months. Since many people depend on their smartphones for a variety of reasons, including monitoring the time, temperature, and instant news alerts, the US-based business aims to add the latest personalization capabilities to the taskbar itself.

Bringing alerts on these important topics directly to the taskbar would enable Microsoft users to keep informed from their taskbar. Take a look at the video Microsoft posted below.

What's new with the Windows 10 taskbar update?

The weather icon in the Windows 10 taskbar will display users the latest weather in their region in real-time. Another icon would allow users to see the most recent news, sports, stock, and traffic updates. The features would enable users to quickly and easily access these pieces of information without having to open multiple applications and switch between them.

When reading notifications in a hurry, such as a news article, the taskbar will allow you to easily save material to read later at your leisure.

With these new additions, you'll be able to customize the appearance of your taskbar. Users that want more detail on their taskbar at all times will get the weather shown in full text. Similarly, if users want a simple configuration to save taskbar space, they can only show a weather icon rather than the full text. Users may also organize other types of content, such as fashion, sports, and other topics, according to their preferences.

Users who don't want all of these features and want their Taskbar to be empty of all but programs and easy toggles will use the latest Interest manager function to switch off the weather and other notifications icons. The news and curiosity alerts feature will be available in the coming weeks. Other functionality could be included shortly after that.


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