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From an unexpected 36 All Out to a fairy- tale comeback: a story of discovering new heroes everyday

This BORDER GAVASAR TROPHY was a legit roller coaster ride. from a miserable all out to a bold comeback; from injuries and unavailability of our some mainstream players to everyday rising stars; from racial abuses to many more untold stories. but at the end what? Amidst all the hurdles we showed the world “ never ever underestimate us “.

the journey of BGT this time wasn’t that much easy; team India faced lots of hurdles! there’s a proverb “ difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations “. Surely this win was one of the most HISTORIC wins in history Indians could proudly say!

From being 36 blown up to chasing down a huge total of 328 within a limited no of overs, it was a huge task for the team! Unfortunately throughout the series, India faced lots of injuries and unavailability of our Skipper too; altogether it was very hard to chase down the improbable total but still during that hard time India just showed how good and talented backups and young players they’d, and the strong mindset they have that they were ready to step in and chase that highest total against one of the best cricket team in the world.

Throughout the series, we have got our new heroes! the way young lads showed their performances is commendable. The confidence that they showed while playing against the fired-up Aus cricket team was something we won’t easily forget. Young lads have shown the world that THEY ARE HERE TO RULE NOT TO LOSE.

The way the Team showed the character and strengthened up the spirit of the game just displayed their strong mindset. All our debutant has displayed a strong character on the field; the way they played against the Aus was just an indication that “picture abhi bhi baki hain mere dost “.

Amidst all this, Ashwin and Paine had an on-field conversation which of course we all had heard because of the mic behind the stumps; where Paine told Ashwin “ Can't-Wait To See You At Gabba (their so-called den)”. That night all the Indians went through many emotional waves.

Last day of the match, where young Indian team was about to face the fired-up Australia team at Gabba where Australia was unbeatable since 1988. The way we all went through emotional turmoil at the very moment; just we all knew about it. Fingers were crossed with the hopes of winning the series. With the team full of young stars, India has dominantly brought the series decider to its last day. Our team has shown their morale high even while facing mighty Australia.

From the early loss of wicket of HITMAN to PANT FACTOR; a complete roller coaster ride!

Shubhman’s 91, Pant’s 89*, Pujara’s 56 were the stars responsible for this fairy tale comeback!

Along with all this debutant Mohammed Siraj who lost his dad during this tour and faced racial abuses from spectators in Sydney bagged 5 wickets haul in Brisbane showed how good he is like a fast bowler. Debutant Washington Sundar’s half-century and taking wicket that too of the Smith. And most importantly the gritty partnership of Shardul-Sundar played a very crucial role. And last not least our in-house swagger Shardul Thakur - the attitude he displayed through the matches was graciously commendable.

A few overs into the morning session, the red cherry has done its job. India lost the first wicket that too of our HITMAN with the scoreboard reading 18/1. Australia’s hopes increased and tension started arising in the Indian camp.

Pujara walks in; our modern-day Wall and gave his best to defend as much as he could. The modern-day Wall had never disappointed us.

On The other hand, Our debutant Shubham Gill stand out firm and was hitting the balls with ease, his batting style shows his confidence. Being a debutant he gave his every possible best to score a big total but Lyon got him out! He left with 9 runs short of scoring his very first test century. That 91 of Gill is equivalent to a century.

After that, as the match started progressing, a draw seemed to be likely outcome.

But Rishab Pant came in, who knows he had some other plans. That day unlike other days he played with so many responsibilities. He played with ease and most importantly with more confidence and there were a fire and hunger in his eyes to win the series no matter what. In the final hour our other debutant walks in, Washington Sundar that guy hit consecutive 6 and 4 followed by Pant with some boundaries. At that point, we all were enjoying the game with the haphazard heart beating. Unfortunately, Sundar got out after playing a few overs. Still, Pant managed to stay calm and play with ease, and gave his best to win the match.

But all his hard work pays off as he hit the winning boundary with two overs remaining in the contest.

And BOOM! Fortress Gabba has been breached. A historic and memorable win created. You will surely gonna run out of adjectives to describe this Indian performance.

In the end, our debutant had a good tour. This NEW BRIGADE has given us something to cherish forever. These young lads have a completely different vision towards the game, they just know two things- one is victory and the second one is an opportunity.

Amidst all the obstacles faced by our team, they sealed the series by 2-1 and again accomplished to retain the BORDER GAVASKAR TROPHY!

From the truncated of Adelaide to the Brisbane high, then breaking the long term record of australia dominated in Gabba a Fairy-tale comeback indeed achieved.

Additional Info - Image Courtsey

Courtesy - BCCI

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